To Cebuano bands writing songs in English,

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stop dissing Cebuano bands writing songs in Bisaya. As far as lyrics are concerned, both of you write crap every now and then. The only thing is, it’s hard for a Cebuano to “analyze” English lyrics without exposing his own limited grasp of the English language. So, the easy target: Bisrock. So, while stupid Bisrock songs get the beating, stupid English songs by local bands enjoy the presumption of being brilliant. (Note: we are only talking about the lyrics, for now.)

And to prove that even English speaking artists suck in the lyrics department, take this:

I don’t think that I’ve
got the stomach
To stomach calling
you today

–Saves the Day’s ‘See You’

And we’re betting that this clever emo fella doesn’t have the eyes to eye you, the hands to handle you … or even the mouth to mouth your name. Oh, the humanity! —

I wish I didn’t have a band so I can cite examples here without sounding biased. So I leave it to you to post samples here of stupid lyrics (English, Tagalog, Bisaya, Waray) written by Cebuano bands. Missing Filemon songs not included.