Mao ni ang nahitabo sa “3rd album.” Nakarecord na mig five (or was it six?) songs sa Zzubu Studios late 2006 and early last year. Nasud na tanang instrumento (except for some minor additions that I’m sure we would be having later on in the recording). Generally, akoang vocals nalang kuwang. Nalangay lang kay sige’g gigs (it was the time when the so-called “bisrock” was making it big in the Visayas and Mindanao areas). Also, I had yet to finish the lyrics of some of the songs.

Months later, I dropped by the studio to start recording the vocals. But Puldo and the rest of the studio crew couldn’t find the files anymore. What happened was that weeks earlier nag-upgrade ang studio sa ilang computer (i’m not a techie so I can’t tell you unsa nga klase nga upgrade) unya pagbalik, wala na didto among songs. Puldo said he was sure na-save to nila sa CD, because that’s how they work. Bisag di mag-upgrade, i-save gyud nila sa CDs ang mga files just to make sure there’s backup. But we just couldn’t find our files anymore.

I know it wasn’t puldo’s fault. I’ve worked with the guy on our first two albums, and although it’s impossible for us to work together without drinking, I can proudly say we’re professionals. (I miss the guy as I’m writing this.) It was nobody’s fault, so I’m not blaming anybody. I want to be clear on this. Everyone in Zzubu is a friend. If anything, I am to blame for being away from the studio a bit longer than necessary.

Puldo promised he would find the files. And I believe him. If makit-an na to, I’ll be back in the studio to finish the job. I have some new melodies bothering me right now, and I might include them also.