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Mga minus nga tawo unite!

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

blood2remember i mentioned something here about organizing people with Rh Negative blood (O neg, A neg, B neg, AB neg)? i’m working on it now. i donated blood this afternoon and grabbed the chance to discuss with people from the regional blood center the formation of a group that will make it easier for us, “minus people,” to get blood in case we need it asap.

having an extremely rare type of blood running in our veins is reason enough for us to unite as one group that makes sure its members don’t die just because there’s no blood available.

dili lalim sa pamilya ang masiri-siri’g pangita’g dugo while the patient waits at the hospital. unya at the end of the day, way nakit-an.

i’ve arranged a series of meetings with blood center officials to discuss details of this plan.

of course, it’s all about saving lives – whether you’re a plus or a minus.

all minus people are welcome to join. just send me a note here.

who are not welcome? people who attach monetary value to every drop of blood they give. how much is a piece of your heart, dude? hah!

This text message i received today from the family of the patient should be reward enough:

“sir, nakaginhawa kog lawom nga na-match mong (name of patient). salamat, salamat kaayo sir. you have us to contact if in case you need blood pud.”

check out this old article i wrote on the topic

Blood mutants

Monday, July 7th, 2008

I still had this prick mark in my left arm as I wrote this piece. I had my blood screened for donation. I don’t know the patient, or what he’s down with. I’m not interested. I’ve been donating blood for 12 years now and most of the time only a hangover stops me from saying yes.

If somebody needs blood, and he sounds like he’s about to cry pleading over the phone, he means it. Lack of blood is not something people lie about. It’s blood, for Christ’s sake. And somebody needs it quick.

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