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Songwriting workshop

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

songwritingWe’re organizing a songwriting seminar-workshop to raise funds for TSINELAS. It’s going to be held this coming May. It’s going to be a four-day (two weekends) event to be held at the Tsinelas headquarters at the Saint Theresa’s College compound along Gen. Maxilom Ave.

We’re going to talk about the basics of melody writing, lyrics writing, musical arrangement and recording.

Award-winning musicians and recording artists Ian Zafra, Jude Gitamondoc and Brian Sacro have initially agreed to join us as speakers. I also invited myself as speaker, and myself said yes  (haha).

We all write bad lyrics

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

To Cebuano bands writing songs in English,

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stop dissing Cebuano bands writing songs in Bisaya. As far as lyrics are concerned, both of you write crap every now and then. The only thing is, it’s hard for a Cebuano to “analyze” English lyrics without exposing his own limited grasp of the English language. So, the easy target: Bisrock. So, while stupid Bisrock songs get the beating, stupid English songs by local bands enjoy the presumption of being brilliant. (Note: we are only talking about the lyrics, for now.)

Alive/Pearl Jam

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

Last Christmas, a colleague bought me the book ‘Touch Me, I’m Sick – The 52 creepiest love songs you’ve ever heard’ by Tom Reynolds. The book pillories artists for writing songs that “for some reasons have gone off the rails into the realm of the tawdry, the overwhelming, the obsessive, the self-absorbed, and the completely weird.”

It’s so entertaining (and downright hilarious) that I can’t help sharing with you excerpts from some of the articles. To Mr. Reynolds (assuming that somebody other than my girlfriend reads my blog), I’m a huge, huge fan of yours, so I hope you don’t mind.

To you guys, If I leave you hanging after every post, it’s because nothing beats buying the book. So go check it out.

Let’s start off with Pearl Jam’s ‘Alive’…

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