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My Korean friend and a place called ‘Baling’

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

(Note: Those who have read the ‘Baling’ post, skip this entry. Nothing new here)

THIS IS ANOTHER ARTICLE that talks about our Korean friends, in fact, the fourth that had to do with the topic. But before I proceed, let me tell you that writing about Koreans is not something I really want to do as a columnist. Precisely the reason I missed the past four Tuesdays straight is that I did a lot of serious thinking about what direction to take as a writer.

And I realized that what I really want to write about is World Peace, Food Shortage, Tibet, how to save the Black Rhino and the Giant Panda, and other issues of global significance, like the Balanghoy Festival.

Nalumos sa noodles

Monday, April 14th, 2008

Our Korean friends never seem to run out things to amaze us. First there was the mysterious V sign, next they jumped on each other in some water cliff down south (a sad chapter in our province’s korean-dominated tourism industry), now here’s this news about them celebrating what they call Black Day, where lonely hearts drowned their sorrows in black noodles. And they’re serious about it. If you commiserate with our flamboyant neighbors, read kagul-anan gilumsan sa noodles.

Koreans and the mysterious V sign

Monday, February 4th, 2008

Enough of that Just Make the Sign of the Cross solution to our traffic problem. There’s a more serious ritual hand motion that needs our immediate attention: the mysterious V sign of our good friends, the Koreans.

I said urgent because a lot of Cebuanos, especially those hanging out in bars, are starting to suffer cranial pains from figuring out what cosmic force makes Koreans do the V sign whenever they find themselves within a 50-kilometer radius of a camera. You see, understanding Koreans is the key to our survival as protectors of Linking Verbs and Adjectives in this part of Asia.

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