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A test of faith in a world of gore

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

this month, cebu’s media is celebrating the annual PRESS FREEDOM WEEK. the celebration in 1999 had me writing about my then 8-month-old life as journalist. in yet another failed attempt at cleaning my room of age-old clutter, i came across that article. damn, dugaya na diay nako aning trabahoa uy.


IT PAYS to be the silent type. Clamming up unless whining is necessary gives you the privilege to do little crazy things without people asking you for an explanation. They won’t give a damn. Let him suffer in silence, they’d say. He’s good at it anyway.

Deciding to work for Sun.Star Daily was the craziest thing I did this year (who in his right mind aspires to be a journalist with philosophy as background?) . Or better yet, it was the latest in an endless series of crazy things I had been doing since my decision to wear a permanent shark tattoo on my back five years ago.

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