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Through the lens (not) clearly

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

insoy-glassesYOU know the moment has arrived when you look at your food and you think you’re having balbacua when you’re being served caldereta.

Me: Wow, balbacua! My favorite!/ Host: Ahm, sir, it’s caldereta. / Me: Really. Oh, I love caldereta too.

This bothered me because only a few years ago I could tell if it’s ants on my adobo or black pepper. Now, I have to use my sense of smell to make sure it’s pan de sal I’m dipping in my coffee instead of some round and brown tropical fruit like chico zapote.

So I did what any normal guy scared of the prospects of poking his nose into the world and living the rest of his life like that would do: I went to have my eyes checked by an eye specialist.

If you haven’t met one yet, an eye specialist is an extremely well-trained medical professional who lives in a mall, preferably in a dark corner of an optical shop, who thinks she’s a dentist in that she has this huge, scary-looking chair and all those scary looking equipment on standby in case she needs to gouge your eyes out.

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