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Have a happy period

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

happy-periodI’ve been accused of writing about things that shouldn’t merit a space in the  Main Opinion pages of a respectable newspaper such as the one you’re holding now. Serious opinion readers — meaning those who can understand the content of a Michael Rama speech – emailed me that I should be transferred to the Entertainment Section where I would write pieces like “Why Kris Aquino is the Most Irritating Personality in Philippine Showbiz.”

So for a change, I’m now going to talk about something that is really political: Menstruation and Sanitary Napkins. Email me if you’re happy now.


Thursday, January 17th, 2008

TV commercials just don’t get it. THEY ARE IRRITATING! What advertising principle says the best way to sell is to insult viewers’ intelligence? Even if you have an IQ of a tadpole, you feel the urge to fling the remote against the TV screen upon hearing these freakin line “HAVE A HAPPY PERIOD!” Since when did my girlfriend’s monthly period become a ‘happy’ experience for both of us? Hah! I should have paid my cable bills, damn it. – insoymada

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