if you can’t read the text in the sun.star house ad below, i copied it here for you. this came out in last Saturday’s issue of the paper. I need to post this to feed the ego. so spare me the raised eyebrows.

it would be nice if you can also comment on who in the list of sun.star columnists is your favorite and why. i don’t have their names here. No need, because when you hate or love a columnist, it’s certain that the name is etched in your mind. whatever you write here about their columns they won’t know because they don’t visit this site. so feel free. but expect my editor’s instinct to work when a punch hits the crotch. and you can bet your ass no comment about INSOYMADA will make it here.


“Individually, each has his own voice, her own niche, varying in substance and style from the others. Collectively, they pack a wallop, an enormous force in shaping public opinion. Each columnist seeks to inform, entertain, or inspire, yet also questions, teases, challenges, disputes. Motivated by noblest of motives: public good.”