I arrived late for a meeting with a Korean client (yes ‘client,’ kay publishing consultant man kuno ko niya). Ug ang Koreana pwerteng sukoa.

Koreana: Lurinthoo, what happen? I come far just see you here Ayala. And you? And you? Late to come!

Me: I’m so sorry J (that’s her name, for Jaimee). It was heavy traffic in Mambaling.

J: Baling? You say home in text. Now Baling?

Me: Mambaling J. It’s where I live. It’s far from here, and I don’t have a car.

J: Aaargghh, Lurinthooo. Three already. Me here two. You hour late Lurinthoo! Me no car also, but taxi.

And this went on for about 15 minutes. Me explaining about traffic, she giving me a puzzled look every time I mentioned Mambaling.

Me: I’m sorry J. It will not happen again.

J: Better not happen again. Now work.

Me: OK, good. Now, I brought with me the printouts. There are some names of persons and places that were not very clear to me. Can you check your notes?

J: Not very clear? This not complete? You mean? (Waving the papers at me). You the editor, and this not complete?

Me: Yes J. We talked about this already. I edit your raw, but it doesn’t mean I know all those persons and places you mentioned.

J: You editor Lurinthoo, you Cebuano. You know place.

Me: No, J. It doesn’t follow. I’m Cebuano but I don’t memorize the names of all the barangays and barangay officials in Cebu. It’s impossible. It was you who joined the Suroy-Suroy Sugbo and you took down notes. Just check your notes, please.

J: OK, OK. I get notes.

Me: Naa raman diay na. Haskang dugaya.

J: What Lurinthoo?

Me: Nothing. I said traffic in Mambaling is getting worse.

J: Lurinthoo, we work already. No more Baling. OK? OK? No more Baling.

Me: OK J. No more Baling. Me, you, work now.

K: Good Lurinthoo, good.

Me: Pero grabeha na gyud sa traffic sa Mambaling oi.

J: Lurinthooooo!!!!