ian zafra wrote in his blog my favorite sins:

“Insoy is now co-host with DJ Ram in Smash FM.

Andoy Calope is doing well with his acoustic poetry.

Tsinelas Association Inc. offering informal education on creative works not completely offered in the academe through charity based workshop series.

Creative Cebu and DTI had just finished its roadmapping exercise. The music sector is recognized as one of the most active and gaining better visibility.

Sonic Boom’s making occasional comebacks to Cebu.

Jude Gitamondoc is nurturing his song blogging community.

Rescue A Hero is giving out original music freebies. Undercover Grasshoppers is now doing the same.

Cattski launched their 3rd album in March this year. The Line Divides will be launching their first this month, next week.

To appreciate what’s going on in the local music circuit, the general rule here is to agree that we are all moving constantly. As to where we still have to find out. The ‘how’ factor is up to you… and us. Keep things in a learning curve and it’s going to be fine. There’ll be more to come.

The Cebu music scene is as healthy as it ever was.”