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Ang Pagbalik

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

insoy-armyI can always blame Facebook for keeping me away from my website — My Personal Website — for months. Hey, by the way, how many of us can say, “I have my own website?” Cool.

Or I can always use the ever convenient excuse of artists, “Angst.” Use “angst” in a sentence: “Nag-angst ko ‘bay, mao nang wa na ko ka-update sa akong website, my personal website.”

But I am always suspicious of artists who, having been in the art scene for years, still use the word “angst.” Mag-angst ko anang mga tawhana.

Or I can always say a personal website is lonely. At least in Facebook, I have sure “friends” who always “like” what’s in my mind and comment on my “notes.” With the personal website, it feels so alone. You see, interactivity

is dependent on the number of likes and comments and smileys and fans and pages and some fucking shit just throw you some fuckin pillow messages you get every day.

Talking animals

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

check this site out at mananap nga mosulti.

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