What title would you want for that book you’re writing right now? If that’s the one about a groom who chickened out in the middle of his wedding to run off with his lover, you may want to call it “Dealing with Acute Diarrhea at Weddings Like Nothing Happened.” The book is sure to be a literary disaster, but at least it will make it to “The World’s Oddest Book Titles” list.

About the book in the picture:

The Fuchsia Is Now, by J. Otto Seibold, leads off MotherReader’s new feature, “Weird-Ass Picture Book of the Month.” J. Otto Seibold is no stranger to odd picture books. In fact, he may be called a reigning king. But this particular book hits a new high in both story and illustrations, and thus earns itself the honored title of Weird-Ass Picture Book of the Month.

Fuchsia is a little fuchsia girl who makes a wish on her birthday cake for her wish to come true. Which begs the question of how much wish can a Fuchsia wish if a Fuchsia could wish… anyway. She opens her present and finds a hat that makes her head look like a baby bottle or a… umm, condom. Then she decides to put a flower on her hat to make it look fancy and poof! A fairy pops out! The fairy poofs her some strange new friends, some with condom caps as well. It’s a new trend. They all play until nighttime and Fuchsia learns that she can bring them all back again by saying, “THE FUCHSIA IS NOW.”

From Motherreader.com