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My green frog umbrella

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

genekellyFOR ALL the romance and sadness it evokes, rain the past days is not cute. With just the right amount, rain makes you want to stay in bed all day and think only of nothing but love and getting plenty of it.

If you’re a girl, rain makes you feel like you’re Mary Jane Watson in that what’s-the-big-deal-about-it upside-down-kiss scene with Spider Man. If you’re a boy, you’d feel like you’re a teenager in 2002, flushed with excitement at the sight of Kirsten Dunst in a wet shirt.

Do you know why you don’t imagine yourself as Spider Man? Because you’re grownup and you know a real hero doesn’t waste precious time kissing a girl upside down when all the thugs in the world are out to get her, especially if she’s Kirsten Dunst. I’d kiss Kirsten Dunst right side up anytime, rain or shine.

Porsche as presidential metaphor

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011


DEAR Mr. President,

Mr. President, I read the news today. And I said, Oh boy. It’s about a lucky man who made the grade. And though the news was rather sad, well, I just had to laugh, Mr. President. I know you’re a fan of the Beatles, like me. Sorry if I had to steal lines from one of their songs. I’m not very good at writing letters, so I wrote whatever came to mind.

I don’t know why “A Day in the Life” came to mind after reading the news that you bought yourself a Porsche. Maybe because the song is about a young politician blowing his mind out in a car after he failed to notice that the lights had changed. Then there was that crowd who just stood and stared even if they’d seen his face before. We both know what happened to the character in the song, Mr. President. He died in a car crash before John Lennon could even get to the third verse.

Cassowary casualty

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

cassowaryTHAT a lot of people don’t like the police is not surprising. The public and men in uniform (including the military) have always been inimical to each other. The public thinks cops can’t be trusted while cops think the public is so damn right. So the police created a non-crime related office called Police Community Relations (PCR) to convince the public they’re friends.

Like any police office, the PCR is composed of cops. But instead of going out in the streets to hunt for snatchers, PCR cops visit crime-prone communities and wear stupid Santa hats during Christmas, bringing gifts to little rugby boys and girls, who will eventually grow up to become big rugby boys and girls.

Nexus S 4G Accessories

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Nexus S 4G Accessories is the ultimate accessory store for the brand new Nexus S 4G for Sprint. If you are on sprint and you are looking for a phone that is powered by android and backed with a lot of accessories, You have

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